When I finish my work late at night, I enjoy spending at least 5 minutes outside, seeing the sky. Paying attention to the sounds of immensity, contemplating it.


The cookie's problem

Imagine the following situation: There are 2 cookies and 2 people, each one takes a cookie. The situation is solved. Now, imagine you've got a third cookie, what to do with it?

It can actually become a case of continuous and consistent argumentation.

And tears and anger and anguish.

I need a break, I need silence.



How know I that I'm tired? I know, because I started to pay less attention to the details. If I'm reading a book, only the main characters are interesting to me. I simply don't care about the rest of it.

It's time to go to sleep.


It's not an exclusivity

Taking risks is not an exclusivity of one person when we are talking about a relationship, any kind of relationship.

If you have initiated an activity or a project with a person, the person is assuming it, as well. It's not an exclusivity of who have started it, but of all involved on it.

It can be sufficient to us

Today, I was thinking, if we want to measure one situation or if we want to have a better impression of a person, we need to first understand and accept that we don't have all the necessary information about it.

We can always ask for more details, or we can try to know more of it, but it still missing.

Even if it's not enough, it can be sufficient to us.


When it's cold

I'm eating oatmeal, and after it, I go to sleep.

I want to back to write here every day.


Reacting impulsively

I've been putting my attention, and I've been acting in a reactive mode. I was only responding to the demands and requisitions, continuously.

Now, I realized, I should be attempting to accomplish my personal requests. I need to remember to ask myself, "Is it important?", instead of reacting impulsively.


Feeling better

Today, I was not feeling well (some situations can really hurt us).

Then, I decided to meditate for 15 minutes and put my thoughts in perspective. 

Now, I'll watch a movie, and I go to sleep.


Quit social media

Today is cold; I already drink two cups of hot cocoa.

I want to emphasize, reading is a tiring experience.

I was thinking about reducing the time I've been spending online or even quit social media, but I like to write, what turn it hard to decide.

I'm also planning on making a little trip.



All day long I was thinking about the decisions I need to make in the next few days. I'm glad because I've been thinking about it for a long time.

And I've finally bought my new desktop computer.



I was reading, and I just finished the first chapter of the book. I want to be focusing on my studies. I'll sleep now, I'm tired.


Smile, and happy

Today, I had a busy day. I went to the supermarket, to the grocery store, to the drugstore, and then, I put the groceries away, cleaned the house.

Also, I did online shopping and bought 3 e-books. I've started one of them and read 25 pages.

Now, I've finished of watching my favorite tv show.

A little thought:

There is always great people who make you smile, and happy.



Today, I did a long walk and made several improvements on my two projects. It's difficult when you have a tiring day at the work.

A thought:

We have a society based on expectations, and it usually results in criticism, criticism about the other's lives. Taking it into consideration, you presume people only make good choices and choose certainly the best opportunities, when it's not the case.

If you expect hugely by the other's validation, you'll simply decrease your self-esteem by aborting your values and beliefs.

Our self-esteem needs to be related to our values, awareness, and self-compassion. Life is not so obvious, and it requires taking risks.


We lost the habit

I'm tired today.

A thought:

I was talking with a friend, she was commenting about how our group of friends becomes tiny, having only a little amount of people. We are in 3, now, and we struggle to maintain our intimacy.

People move away, and we lost contact. We lost the habit.

In certain circumstances, you feel tired, when you consistently put yourself in an unstable position, trying to avoid losing it. Maintaining a friendship is a huge responsibility.

Maybe, the friendship is only a circumstantiality. It's fragile and unnecessary.


Best parameters

Today, I stayed in the sun for approximately 20 minutes. It was resting. I also remembered myself to put more focusing on my two current projects. I was busy, and I've entirely forgotten about it.

A little thought:

In certain circumstances, I feel excited, almost euphoric when I think about the future, then, I realize and interrupt myself.

Feeling these emotions and enthusiasm only will put me in an uncertain psychological position. Emotions aren't a parameter to make actions, activities or to concentrate my efforts.

Our best parameters are our values, wich includes self-compassion.


Split our needs

I'm a feeling well today, but tired. Finally, I'm choosing the specs of my new desktop computer.

I was thinking how hard is find people to compose our lives. What we usually do, is split our needs between our friends and family, and each of them takes a specific role in it.


Two topics


Today is the birthday of my sister, I'm very happy for her. I already bought her present, a book. Tonight, I'll probably eat more sugar than I should. Maybe, I'll be posting a photo here.


For me, I'm glad because I could release some emotion, in these last few days. Now, I'm a feeling much better and happy.

Taking risks

Today morning, I was thinking and availing circumstances of my life, and in all situations, take risks was a crucial component of it.

It requires accepting our fears, willing ourselves to experience our emotions and feelings completely and when we use to do it, we become able to assume it more confidently.

When we live in an unstable environment, permeated by criticism, allowing yourself, it is not easy.

Taking risks is a benefit in two aspects. First we need to experience new situations, and second, we gain more confidence.



For me, nothing is more discouraging than having the impression of doesn't make any progress on situations I am engaged in.

It isn't have been related to the progress per si. Valuable situations involve development, meaning, and persistence.


I've been feeling under pressure

I've been feeling under pressure. It doesn't happen every single day, but its frequency has been increased lately.

When I feel pressured, I tend to want to accomplish more, but I don't exactly want to do it. My intention is to break it, recover my energies and stay away from the pressures.

Maybe, I've been idealizing a life with less pressure.