Valuable lessons

When I'm in contact with nature, it's an opportunity of releasing some emotions. My beautiful conclusion is, the hard times, it can always teach us valuable lessons.



I'm reordering my priorities, and I'm feeling very content about it.

Tomorow, I'm going to the beach.



I have been feeling a little angry, sad, these last few days. Today, I'm feeling better.

News of science and behavior really entertaining me.  



I've got a busy day. I went to the grocery shop, to the sports store, to the computer store. I also did clean house.

Two weeks ago, I stopped my project, and now, I want to start it again.

For us, is easy to alter or replace the value of a specific situation. We start it for fun and all of a sudden, we are validating ourselves by it.



Yesterday, I was watching an interview when the person said, "Make money instead of making friends".

I was thinking, trying to find a logic beneath it, and it does sense. We can be friendly, but we do not make a friend.


Will it be so happy yet?

Our feelings, emotions and our relationships are empty promises. Usually, we believe it can save us from ourselves when the facts show us the opposite. They require a huge effort, constantly.

Our feelings, emotions and our relationships are part of our days, as simple as it. The painful situations will not hurt less because of it.

If we remember ourselves of the amount of pain we feel between our happy moments, will it be so happy yet?


It requires several efforts, and patience

Today, the weather was less cold. I only drink 1 cup of hot cocoa.

I'm trying to establish a consensus about some thoughts. I hope to have an answer in the next few days.

Do some progress about one activity requires several efforts, and patience, and patience. But you feel great when it happens.

I hope to feel better soon. I'm back.



What can be more painful than repeating the same actions, when you are expecting different results?